Dognests - dog beds made to measure

Every dog nest carries its own certificate of authenticity. the tough zipped inner with detachable outer is filled with just the right amount of polystyrene beads to create a cosy, draught free 'nest'. 

As you snuggle down, the dog nest moulds around your pet. The uniquely shaped panels ensure the 'nest' shape - unlike inferior copies which produce 'flat' beds.  For Cats and Dogs, a wide range of dog nest sizes are available to suit every breed. Jane Bertram is pleased to advise on the correct size for your pet.

Materials offered range from attractive cotton prints and cords, which colour co-ordinate with your house interior, to solid heavy-duty cotton fabrics for dog nests the working breeds.  While providing your dog or cat with a dog nest is an ideal way of keeping them off the furniture, they can also take the nest with them in the car, where is appears to ease car sickness in dogs, on holiday - or wherever they choose to rest their head!

How does a Dognest work?

May I explain to you how a Dognest works? A dog's natural method of making a bed is to turn around and around in leaves. In a Dognest by virtue of it's unique shape which is filled with polystyrene beads, your dog or cat can do precisely this, thus assuring a comfortable warm 'nest' with complete support all over it's body length.
I have observed over nearly 40 years of manufacturing Dognests the behaviour of dogs, which if provided with a ridged bed, are also provided with a convenient area to cut teeth or enliven a boring period of 'aloneness'. On the other hand Dognests make a soft pillow encasing the dog in tough, but comfortable fabric.
Also, a dog that scratches at his bedding to gather it under him usually does not have enough warmth for comfort. For instant, flat beds made economically are an instance of this. I also believe that dogs and cats work on a 'mind to mind' basis and that they are perfectly capable of inflicting the most annoying punishment on an owner who displeases the.  I leave this to the reader to work out, whether it be your favourite shoe, wallpaper or anything else which may be appropriate.
A Dognest is a shaped 'Nest' a rectangular shaped nest, which is filled with fire retardant polystyrene beads and so is warm. A warm dog or cat usually lies stretched out often on its back that is why, with the exception of the medium circular, all Dognests are rectangular. This shape also gives excellent support in a car, for instance going round corners or breaking.

As polystyrene beads are 'warm when wet' they dry out wet dogs thus minimising the risk of rheumatism. The mud dries out of the wet coat but the dog stays warm and at rest recuperating whilst on the long drive home.
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